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Wine Dinner with Mathias Kiwanuka 12/4

December 04, 2018 07:00 PM

menu coming soon!

Mathias Kiwanuka has always tried to get the most out of life’s adventures while finding a way to give back. Being born the grandson of Uganda’s first prime minister has meant that hard work, dedication, and humility were always expected. He and his wife, Tessa, try to instill these same values in their two young children.

His hard work in athletics has been well documented, with good reason. He played 9 seasons with the New York Giants and was a prominent member of two super bowl championship teams.

His philanthropic efforts have included school renovations in rural Uganda, Youth camps, and sustainable water projects, to name a few. He most recently joined the board of The Water Trust foundation.

His passions for travel and meeting interesting people have taken him to some of the most remote places on the globe. These passions, combined with his love of wine and good times, are exactly why he partnered with his longtime friends to found Wandering Wines.