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Recipe, Wild Mushroom Bisque

Yield 6/ 6 oz portions

8 oz    Wild mushrooms, rougly chopped  

1 qt    low sodium chicken stock

1 pint    heavy cream

¼  C     flour

¼ C    cream sherry

1     medium shallot, minced

2     cloves garlic, minced

2T     whole butter

2     small leaves of fresh sage, chopped


Black pepper

Sauté shallot in butter over a low flame.  When translucent, add garlic till golden (not brown). Add mushrooms and cook till soft, a few minutes. Add flour, stir together to make a roux, cook and stir for  2-3 minutes, then add chicken stock.

Bring to a boil, add cream.

Turn down heat to low simmer.

Simmer 10 minutes more.

Add sage, sherry, salt & pepper to taste.